Reward redemption in-store.

Vouchery offers multiple redemption solutions, not only for online shops but physical stores as well. The easiest one is a technical integration of your electronic Point Of Sale system with our API. If you can't achieve that in a short period of time, however, you might simply want to start with validating the Codes using our infrastructure.

1. Manually entering the code on the desktop or tablet:

ParameterRequirementsUse case example
Via tabletAccess to the internetCustomer Service Executive manually redeems the coupon for the customer, available for tablet

1. Click on New Redemption and enter the code:
Optionally, you can enter the Customer information if you have it, or if the voucher is restricted to the Customer ID. Once the code is there, click "Validate discount"


If the voucher won't be recognizable in our database, you will receive the following information:


Please click "try again" and enter the correct code.

2. Now, if the voucher is valid, add the transaction value and confirm by clicking "Redeem discount":


3. Success! The voucher is redeemed and won't be used again.
You will receive the summary of the transaction:


Click "Exit" to return to the Redemptions page.

If, however, the voucher code will be rejected, you will receive the information about why it is not valid:


Please Exit to enter another code or instruct the Customer to contact the account owner if they think it's been a mistake.

2. Using Vouchery mobile scanning app

Introducing our Mobile Coupon Scanning app, that enables you to scan and validate the coupon using Vouchery's mobile QR codes scanner. In this way, you get a real-time redemption tracking data, so you can analyze all redeemed vouchers and filter data by campaign, vendor, user type, channel and more!

ParameterRequirementsUse case example
Via mobile app scanningAccess to the internetA salesman scans the coupon in store or other physical location ( from Customer mobile or printed ) to validate it and redeem it.

Please head to Android Google Play Store or iOS App Store to download the app.

In case of issues, please email [email protected] or contact us through the live chat or Slack ( join HERE)