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Insert Images for the campaigns and sub campaigns

Is there any way I can add images to campaign, I want to show vouchers images at my platform but I can't find anything to upload an image for the campaign.

Subscription upgrade

We had finished Vouchery trial and would like to deploy production account. How can we upgrade our plan?

When the redemption hasn't been confirmed yet, is it counted in the KPIs?


Do I need to "create a customer" before using its customer id in the redemption process?

When using the API call - create a redemption, do I have to create a customer ID first or is it created automatically with redemption?

Is it possible to delete a "rejected redemption" ?

I'm cleaning our account before going into production and erased all the successful redemptions via API but don't see the possibility of deleting the rejected one. Thanks, Rob

Can I set multiple currencies in a single project?

We will launch our shop in a new market, in the country with a different currency than our first one. Can I add a different currency to our existing vouchery account and set it up for the new market campaigns?

3rd party vouchers upload into Vouchery campaign

Hello, does your platform support 3rd party vouchers? i.e. can we bulk upload Amazon vouchers or similar for management and allocation?

How do I delete Customer Segment Category from a Customer Profile?

When our Customer cancels the order, I want to cancel their voucher redemption and delete them from Customer Segment / Category. How do I do that?

Is there a swagger doc for the API?

Is there some public URL where the swagger.json file of Vouchery coupon API can be downloaded?

Moving the subcampaign to another parent camapign

Hi Vouchery Team, can I move sub-campaign from one main-campaign to another, instead of creating a new one?