Managing Customer Segments

In Vouchery, customer segments (or customer categories) are groups of customers who have similar characteristics or behavior patterns. These segments are created using criteria such as specific characteristics, purchase history, order value, geographic location, and browsing behavior.

Defining and managing your customer segments is vital to tailor your marketing and promotion strategies effectively. Targeting specific customer segments with personalized promotions can improve customer engagement, retention, and overall sales performance.

How to create a Customer Segment in the Vouchery account.

When you input Customer Segment data either through API or by uploading a file, a new name for the segment will be generated automatically. This new Segment name is then ready to be utilized within the account.

When you manually add customer data through the "Add Customer" button, you must first enter the appropriate segment name for the segment name and tags to be populated.

Here is how to add the Customer Segment name manually:

To generate a name for the Customer Segment, navigate to the promo campaign page (whether it's an existing, new or draft campaign), and proceed to step 3: REWARD SETTINGS & LIMITATION. To create a new customer category, navigate to the 'Customer Categories' section and select "Add new category". Next, input the desired Segment name and corresponding Tags that accurately describe your customers. Once complete, select "Save" to confirm the changes.