Campaign overview

Campaign details and in-depth information

In the table seen on the Campaign Overview is contained all the information needed to see the state of all campaigns at a glance. There are

  • active campaigns,

  • inactive campaigns,

  • scheduled campaigns,

  • campaign drafts and

  • finished campaigns.

The main campaigns are shown in the grey field with each of its sub-campaigns beneath it.


After selecting the type and status of campaigns you would like to see, the information about them is listed as follows:

  • the campaign name,
  • the starting and expiration date of each campaign,
  • the budget assigned to it and
  • the number of vouchers which have been distributed.

Each main campaign can be modified by adding sub-campaigns to it with the + Reward or + Discount button on the right side. Depending on the type of campaign, loyalty program or discount program this option will vary.

The Preview-Button gives an overview of the main campaigns along with all of its sub-campaigns.

On the right side of each sub-campaign, by clicking the button Details, the sub-campaigns can be again edited or activated/deactivated. Here you can also add or generate new vouchers for your customers.