What types of Promotional Campaigns can you create with our App?

Different types of campaigns

There are three general types of campaigns you can create. Loyalty Program, Gift vouchers, and Discount Program.

However, the possibilities are endless since you can scale rewards, triggers, duration, and size of the campaign as you like. And all of them are easily adaptable to your needs thanks to our software.

Get 15% off if you sign up with your E-Mail addresscustomer acquisition
Flash sale, get 10% discount by purchasing within X hoursboost sales and visits
Holiday discounts via E-Mail, get 25% off on this specific day, timecustomer retention, brand awareness
Apology coupon to customers, here is 30% off automatically, when complaint occurscustomer retention and decrease churn
Review or Survey response in return for a 15€ voucherpeer reviews, gauge consumer behavior
Loyalty reward for purchasing a product X times in a given time periodretention and purchasing motivation
Receive this 10% voucher if you complete your abandoned shopping basketReactivate shopping basket, motivate purchase

1) Loyalty Program

Under the loyalty program falls everything that rewards a customer for being loyal to your brand or product.

For example, you can reward the customer for purchasing an amount X at your store with a percentage discount as soon as that amount is reached in their check out.

Or, a voucher or coupon of single or multiple uses can be given to the customer as a reward, after X times of purchasing a product from you.

This article lists a number of inspirational use cases of Loyalty and discount programs.

2) Discount Program

A discount program varies from the loyalty program in so far that the goal of this program is to incentivize the customer to spend more at their regular purchase and thus help drive turnover.

3) Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be given out at any occasion you deem fit for your customers, either for specific customers, or random ones. They can attract new customers, retain existing ones or help spread the word about your product by raising awareness about it through its distribution.

Gift vouchers can initially look like the other campaigns but are categorized here as a separate one since they are usually targeted at a specific and one-time event or purpose.

They can also be employed for raising awareness about a specific product or sale that benefits from increased traffic and visibility.