Zapier use cases using Vouchery

Zapier connects between different web applications to form unique workflow to automate the repetitive tasks for you. There are many different ways to use Zapier.
We are presenting some examples to help inspire you.

1. Use Zapier for social media marketing

Grow your audience and share your campaigns everywhere!
You can create Zaps to post the campaign you have created in Vouchery to many of your favourite social media sites automatically (i.e Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, ... etc.).

Make this Zap to post your new campaign on your Facebook page.

2. Use Zapier for email marketing

With Zapier you can forward any voucher that was assigned to a customer to any emailing system like Sendgrid.

New User

When a new user Signs up to your service, reward him/her with a welcome discount, once the user hits the Signup button.

This Zap template will automatically generate coupon code when new user is added in your email list, then will be sent back to the new user via the email system.


Discount offer

When the user fills out a form on the online store to get a discount and hits the discount button, Vouchery will automatically generate coupon code then assign it to the user and sends the code to the user's email via emailing system (i.e SendGrid).


Complain form

Send a voucher as an apology for a customer who had a complain, once a complain form is filled out.

Make this zap to automatically send the voucher assigned to the customer who complained to his email.

3. Use Zapier for lead capturing

Send new leads who filled out your form straight to Vouchery or your CRM.

When the customer fills out a form (i.e survey, signup form, complain form..etc.), the customer contacts will be added to Vouchery.

Make this zap to add customer to Vouchery from Paperform, when the customer fills up the Signup form on Paperform.

4. Use Zapier for redeeming vouchers

When the user enters the voucher code on your page, and clicks to redeem the voucher, the voucher will be validated and redeemed on Vouchery’s platform.

This zap will automatically validate and redeem the voucher code entered via Paperform.