How to apply a discount on product items?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to apply a discount on product items. Let's have an example so you can easily follow up with the steps.

A cafe wants to sell its new apple pie creation to get feedback from their customers so they want to create "Buy 1 apple pie and Get 1 free coffee" campaign.


Discount on Product will not be validated via our mobile app voucher scanner!

Please keep in mind currently there's no possibility to enter the particular information of each product being purchased in the mobile app scanner.

If you plan mobile QR voucher validation, please only use Discount on Order.

Step 1: setup reward settings

When you create a new campaign, in the Reward settings section, select discount on Product Item. Then enter the discount value percentage, which is 100% in our example. Because the discount will be applied on the coffee item.


Step 2: setup product item criteria

When you select product item, a new section will appear, where you can define the product item criteria which the discount will be applied to.

So our first criterion will be "Name Equals coffee". Click on Add new criterion to define more criteria. Our second criterion will be "Quantity Equals 1".


Step 3: setup general reward limitations

Now we want to define the product item criteria which has to exist in order to get the discount. In our example is the apple pie.

So select product item exist from the general reward limitations section then define the product item criteria.
1st criterion: "Name Equals apple pie"
2nd criterion: "Quantity Equals 1"