Voucher statuses

A voucher status is an attribute attached to a voucher that describes whether a voucher is free to use or has been already redeemed

The following voucher statuses have been implemented:

  • created - a voucher is available for any customer to be able to redeem it

  • distributed - a voucher has been assigned to the customer and only this customer ID should be able to redeem it

  • validated - a voucher has been entered and checked during the checkout process, however, the transaction hasn’t been confirmed yet

  • active - a voucher - discount or a gift card, has been used, however, is still active, eg. when the credits are present on the gift card, and can still be redeemed

  • redeemed - a voucher has been used and its credits fully redeemed

  • expired - voucher has been invalidated without being used

Voucher status flow:

New vouchers start with the status "created" or "distributed", and then receive a status 'validated' or 'active' and 'redeemed" once fully used.

Unused vouchers are automatically changed to status: "expired" when the campaign is finished or deactivated.

It is possible to expire a voucher from any status, except for "redeemed".


Final voucher statuses

"Expired" and "redeemed" are final statuses that can not be updated to another status.