Types of Promotional Voucher Codes

For discount promotions (including bundle promotions, free product items, free shipping, etc), Vouchery currently supports three types of voucher codes: Generic vouchers, Unique vouchers, and Unique Vouchers assigned to a Customer.

On top of that, we have a special monetary voucher - a gift card voucher.

Generic voucher

Generic vouchers work best when aiming to reach a larger or unspecified target market. This type of voucher consists of a manually typed code, for example, SALE10, which many different customers can typically use until the campaign limitations are reached, like the number of redemptions or budget, or campaign duration.

Unique voucher

A unique voucher, on the other hand, will have a random code, for example: 'VOUCHERY-9E6HWN', and can be used once or more times (depending on the campaign settings). Unique vouchers give much more power to marketers, as they can be used to track specific customers or distribution channels.

Vouchery API makes it easy for our clients to generate batches of unique vouchers by specifying a prefix, code length, number of codes, and code type (numbers, letters, or mixed). There are currently no limits on how many codes can be generated per campaign or account. Each voucher code is unique per project (sub-account).

Unique voucher assigned to a specific Customer ID

A voucher assigned to a specific Customer ID is a unique voucher (described above), assigned to a specific Customer ID, which means, the voucher can only be used by that Customer ID (once or more times, depending on the campaign settings). For any voucher assigned to a Customer, a Customer ID needs to be passed during the redemption process.

Such a voucher can also serve as a VIP discount, where the Customer would receive a % OFF at every transaction.