Customer Segment rules

After familiarizing yourself with the General Reward Limitations and Product Category Rules, it's time to review the restrictions for Customer Segments.

What are Customer Segments on Vouchery?

At Vouchery, customer segments refer to groups of customers who share similar characteristics or behavior patterns. To create these segments, specific criteria such as purchase history, order value, geographic location, and browsing behavior are used.

Properly defining and managing customer segments is crucial in tailoring marketing and promotion strategies. Personalized promotions targeted towards specific customer segments can enhance customer engagement and retention, and ultimately improve sales performance.

To learn how to create a new customer segment in Vouchery, head over to Managing Customer Segments.

Applying Customer Segment restrictions to the promotion.

You can limit the promotional offer to specific customer segments using the Customer Segment feature, which allows you to include or exclude specific segments.

Restricting promotions to Customer Segment on Vouchery

The following table includes some use case scenarios along with their description parameters for customer segmentation.

ParameterRequirementUse Case
New contactCustomer IDPromotion related to the first Customer order
SubscriberSubscriber ID or includes Customer Segment data "Subscriber"Promotion related to a person subscribed to a newsletter but hasn't purchased
Returning/registeredTracking pixel on the website, includes transaction history or a Customer Segment data Promotion for a customer with X amount of orders
ReferredWith Customer Segment 'referred' or referral IDReferred by an existing customer
Loyalty memberLoyalty member or includes Customer Segment dataPromotions dedicated to members only
(based on customer lifetime value, coupon use, etc )
Tracking pixel on the website or includes a full transaction historyDecrease churn risk by appreciating loyalty
Won backTracking pixel on the website or includes a full transaction historyComing back after X period of time
Coupon abuse scoreUser agent data and a full transaction history

How does Vouchery validate Customer Segment restrictions?

Our system verifies Customer Segment restrictions set in the promotion against the internal Customer Segment data when a particular customer uses a promotional code. In order to do this, we need the Customer ID to be included in the API requests, during the validation or the redemption process.

Here is an example request for redemption:

Adding Customer ID for coupon redemption API request on


Manual redemption

When redeeming a voucher, a Customer ID must be added for validation when Customer-related restrictions are set for the campaign.

When the redemption is done through our mobile QR code scanner, we won't be able to validate the Customer Segment restrictions.

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