Uploading external vouchers to the campaign

We know you work with various Partners, that's why we enabled you to upload the list of unique vouchers into the campaign, so they can be distributed programmatically via API or marketing automation. Each picked up voucher, will be counted as distributed, the results will be visible in the Analytics part.
To add external vouchers into the promotion, start from creating the promotion, for instance, a Discount, and save it without generating vouchers. Then, go to its details, and click on the Upload vouchers button on the right top:


You will see the voucher upload window:


To upload vouchers please prepare the file in a .csv format (comma-separated values).

Currently, two headers are accepted:

  • code (required)
  • customer_identifier (optional)


Customer ID

Please use the "customer_identifier" header only if you'd like to directly assign the vouchers to particular Customers. Leave it empty if not.

Here's an example:


After a successful upload, you should get a message:



Code Duplicates

If you have any duplicated codes in the file, it will be treated as an "Invalid row", and the code will be accepted just once. In such a case, you will see a warning: