Define Categories - Discount restrictions in campaigns

After setting the general campaign limitations, there is the option on the third section of the campaign setup reward settings and limitation to include even more rules.


1. Customer Segment

You can choose a target segments of your customers to make the promo valid only to them. Using the Customer segment limit you can include or exclude certain customer segments.


The following table includes some use case scenarios along with their description parameters for customer segmentation.

ParameterRequirementUse Case
New contactCustomer IDFirst time order
SubscriberSubscriber IDSubscribed to newsletter but never customer
Returning/registeredTracking pixel on the websiteAlready a customer
ReferredMarked as 'referred' or referral IDReferred by current customer
Won backTracking pixel on the websiteComing back after X period of time
Profitable / unprofitable score ( based on customer lifetime value, coupon use, etc )Tracking pixel on the websiteDecrease churn risk by appreciating loyalty
Coupon abuse scoreUser agent data

2. Product Category

You can restrict the promo to be available only on a certain product category or exclude one.


Examples for use cases include:

ParameterRequirementUse Case
Category limitationCategory IDValid only for Jackets, Shoes, Pizza
Product limitationCategory ID/ Product IDValid only for Jacket X
Seller/ brand limitationSeller IDValid only on restaurant X, seller Y
Min price of a single product

3. OS / Platform

Restrict the promo to be available only for redemption on your App or desktop, this works well if you want to increase your app users by encouraging new or existing ones to install the app or visit your online shop to get the promo.

ParameterRequirementUse Case
Restricted to platformApp / OS infoValid only on mobile app transaction

4. Area / Locations

This tab lets you restrict the promo to be valid in a certain area. You can restrict validity of the place of order (your store, valid only in airport locations) as well as the shipping destination (Valid only in certain shipping destinations).

ParameterRequirementUse Case
Restricted to order place/areaArea code or geolocationValid only for orders in the airport locations
Restricted to shipping place/areaShipping addressFree delivery only in Berlin

Make the promo only available when the customer uses certain payment method.