The Customer Management API section on offers developers a wide range of endpoints to manage customer data and interactions within the platform. This enables businesses to create, retrieve, update, and delete customer records and track customer behavior and engagement with coupon campaigns. Scroll down to learn more about them all.

Manage Customer Records

The Customer Management API provides a set of endpoints that enable developers to manage customer records within the platform. These endpoints allow you to create, retrieve, update, and delete customer records and associate customers with voucher codes. Developers can also use these endpoints to manage customer information such as name, email, birthday date, and unique identifier. Soon, we will enable more custom customer metadata, which will also be retrievable via our API.

Manage Customer Segments API provides endpoints that enable developers to manage customer segment information, allowing businesses to target and personalize coupon campaigns more effectively. Customer segments enable businesses to group customers based on specific criteria, such as demographics, purchase history, or behavior. By leveraging the API's customer segment endpoints, developers can create more engaging and targeted coupon experiences that foster customer loyalty and drive sales.

Create and display Customer Wallet

The API allows developers to create and manage customer voucher wallets, enabling customers to view their available and expired vouchers and coupon redemption history.

To display the customer voucher wallet in your application, you'll need to create a user interface that utilizes the data retrieved from these endpoints. This interface should allow customers to view their vouchers, including relevant details such as voucher code, expiration date, and discount information. Additionally, the interface should enable customers to redeem vouchers and see the status of each voucher (e.g., active, expired, or redeemed).

If you'd like to display information related to Customer loyalty points, please visit the Loyalty Program section.

Display vouchers from promotions available to Customer

Our API provides an endpoint to retrieve a list of vouchers a specific customer is eligible for based on the promotion rules and restrictions. You can use this endpoint to display vouchers from promotions available to a customer, even if they have not yet been assigned to the customer's wallet.

This endpoint will return vouchers from particular promotions:

  • Vouchers from active generic campaigns ( displaying the first generic voucher active for the campaign)
  • Vouchers from campaigns with unique coupons (displaying the first voucher with a status: ‘Created’ from the campaign)
  • Vouchers that have been assigned to that customer already
  • However, we will exclude from that list those vouchers that the customer has already redeemed and is NOT eligible for anymore.

Important: When you request a Customer ID, which we don't have in our database, we will simply return voucher(s) from available active campaigns.


COMING SOON: Improved promo voucher query

To make querying the available promotions even more efficient, we will soon consider:

  • supporting a situation when the 'Customer Maximum Redemptions' per promotion limit is more than 1
  • considering customer segment restrictions when returning the available promos (we would exclude campaigns that don't match the customer segment category)
  • supporting time-frame restrictions
    returning promotions based on the basket information, eg. related to product bundles

You'll need to create a user interface that utilizes the data retrieved from these endpoints to display vouchers from promotions available to customers. This interface should allow customers to view relevant voucher information, such as the voucher code, discount, and expiration date, and add the vouchers to their wallet.

Associate Customers with vouchers

Developers can assign and de-assign specific voucher codes to customers, allowing businesses to track individual customer engagement and redemption behavior.

Track Customer Behavior

Developers can use the API to track and analyze customer interactions with coupon campaigns, including voucher issuance, redemption, and expiration. This data can be used to optimize marketing strategies and further improve customer engagement.

Remember to authenticate your requests using the appropriate method, such as an API key or bearer token, as specified in the API documentation. Consult support for specific details on available endpoints and their usage.