Triggers and events

In simple terms, event-based triggers are different actions that happen in response to incoming events. A trigger consists of an event and additional parameters & conditions applied to it. For example, businesses can send personalized follow-up messages to customers who have redeemed a coupon or offer an incentive to customers who have not engaged with a campaign.

Triggers help automate specific, predictable actions and make reactions faster and more targeted, using internal, external, and 3rd party data. At Vouchery, triggers are part of a longer Customer Promo Journey, and our goal is to use triggers to automatically distribute a suitable reward to the Customer at the right time.

We currently have the following events that may trigger further action:

  • Customer Birthday / Customer Anniversary
  • Promo code redemption
  • Promo code assigned to a Customer ID
  • Customer Value Spent (over one or more transactions or a specific timeframe, like a month)
  • Customer-specific amount of loyalty points
  • A Customer added to a new Segment
  • A Customer number of transaction
  • Custom Events (currently called triggers), are actions that the Customer creates and provides via the API
  • Custom Events from Integrations with 3rd party systems

We will soon add separate API requests to manage custom events, stay tuned!