Basic concepts

How does it work?

The general workflow is as follows:

  1. Marketers set up campaigns and sub-campaigns, which can handle different triggers.
  2. Marketers set up rules, which determine what rewards to give ( and when) to customers based on occurred triggers.
  3. Your application sends us these triggers (sends API requests with a Customer related event ).
  4. Vouchery, based on rules, decides if this particular trigger causes any reward and sends it back to your application.

Campaigns & Subcampaigns

Campaigns tie all the other elements up.

There are two types of campaigns: main and sub-campaign. Main campaigns act as containers to organize the sub-campaigns. Sub-campaigns, in turn, can have vouchers (and redemptions!) as well as rules & limitations and rewards!

Campaigns specify particular marketing activity and determine general limitations and rules, which applies to all sub-campaigns, belonging to the current one.

Sub-campaigns specify how exactly should be handled particular trigger and what rewards customer will receive. Sub-campaign should always be triggered by a particular type of event.


Triggers are different types of events that your application can send to Vouchery API. Whatever your customer does, you can send this activity to our API and if marketers decided to give a reward for this particular activity, API will send this reward in a response.

Rules & Limitations

Rules and limitations make it possible to set conditions for when and how redemptions can be performed and rewards given. There is a growing number of different rules & limitations that can be used with different types of vouchers and campaigns.

Rules are usually set up by marketers in our UI. Rules can depend on the trigger itself (for example total order amount) or on conditions of the customer, causing a trigger to further reward the customer (for example customer segment or amount of loyalty points this customer has).

Redemptions & Rewards

That's what it is all about! Each redemption that meets criteria set out by voucher and campaign rules & limitations should result in a customer receiving one or more rewards.

Rewards determine what exactly the customer gets executing some action (trigger). For example, a customer can have 5 loyalty points added to his account when he filled the survey in your application. A redemption happens, when a customer is exchanging those rewards into a specific value, eg. loyalty points can be exchanged into a voucher and a voucher for the product ( or service ).