Testing Vouchery webhook notifications.

You can test our Vouchery webhooks subscription mechanism without any server. To do so, use online webhook test tools (e.g. https://webhook.site ). Make sure to modify the GET reply body so that it contains the verification_code and then verify the URL before you start receiving events.

  1. When you open the website you should see a unique URL for your temporary server. Use that as the callback_url
  1. Create a new subscription via

POST http://yourproject.vouchery.io/api/v2.0/subscriptions

  1. In response, you should get verification_code. Edit your temporary server response
  1. Then paste the verification_code into the response body and save.
  1. Now you can verify the URL via

GET http://yourproject.vouchery.io/api/v2.0/subscriptions/{subscription_id}/verify

  1. Your received events should start showing on the list (under REQUESTS)