Creating an automated campaign

Have your campaign generate vouchers automatically and directly distribute them to your customers.

Did you know that you can create a campaign on Vouchery that will generate a voucher for a Customer upon particular action? Such action can be a "Custom trigger" (sent to Vouchery via API or through integration) or an event when a Customer is assigned to a particular segment (check Customer Segments section for more details).

To create an automated campaign, please create a new sub-campaign (reward), adding promo details, allocating a reward, and assigning promo restrictions and limitations.

At step 4 of the campaign creation - voucher generation and setup, select "Triggered automatically" as the code generation option. Then, select the trigger and a segment that the customer should be added to automatically receive a voucher. Check our example below:


Automated voucher generation upon customer segment at

In our example, every Customer created (or updated) in Vouchery with a tag "Typeform" in a Customer Source segment will have a voucher from this campaign generated and assigned to them. Optionally, you can display this voucher in Customer wallet, pulling Customer Vouchers information via our API or sending it to the Customer via email or another marketing channel. You can also use our webhooks subscription to receive notifications every voucher is generated and assigned to the customer. Check Webhooks notifications for more details.


Keep in mind only campaign with a unique voucher codes can be automated!

Only campaigns that have unique codes can have automated voucher generation settings. That means you can not create a "generic voucher" that is valid for multiple customers.